How To Take Care Of Your Physical Well-Being In Lockdown

It’s already been a year now when Covid has reached around 3 lakh cases a day. More than covid the fear of covid is there in people. This becomes very important to take care of oneself. Follow proper routine and diet and take care of physical well being. Few points can be very helpful for physical well being if followed

Sleep well:

Good sleep is very important for a healthy body and mind. It’s very important to stick to a balanced routine. Most of us work from home, helping our child with learning, preparing meals, doing chores, and being stressed due to all the workload. Many pieces of evidence show that people who sleep less suffer more physical and mental problems. Not getting enough sleep can make this even worse. Get at least (7-9 hours) sleep for an adult. Sleeping well can improve heart health, immune system, memory, mood. 


While taking proper rest exercise is also equally important. Exercise and yoga improve physical health and calm your mind at the same time. Sti-up, push up, few stretches, breathing exercises or even dancing to any Bollywood (dinchak song) can be a good start of the day. Yoga can be done in a room or small places as well if going out is a problem in lockdown. 

Set a routine:

Setting a routine is very important in lockdown. As most of us are working from home, it’s important to distribute the proper time. Making a proper routine which includes the rest period, working period, proper sleep (7-9 hours), meal period and exercise. You also need to manage and take time for your family and yourself. Sticking to a healthy routine always gives a positive result. Make a routine that has everything important to you keeping your health and proper rest in your mind. 

Proper Diet :

Staying home can also affect your eating pattern, hence it is important to take special care of your diet. Eating irregularly and untimely can affect your health. Eat healthily and add all the proteins, vitamins and immunity booster eatables. Reduce salt, sodium, ghee, oil, butter from your diet. Prefer more seafood, fruits and vegetables. Research says sticking to a proper meal pattern is the best way to stay healthy. 


Due to all the negativity going around, pain and grief. It’s important to maintain your inner peace. It’s said when a person is calm and peaceful inside he/she can already solve or fight any problem. Meditation is an essential part of staying in the home. Generally, meditation keeps oneself calm which is best in every aspect. You can do meditation in the evening or morning. Sitting in cross legs position, closing eyes and thinking about nothing. You are sorted when you close your eyes and nothing comes to your mind. 

Find a new hobby:

Take a few minutes off of the real world and all the problems and do what you love. Try new things, the thing that you loved to do but due to time you can’t. Reading, cooking, dancing or even learning new things. Keep your mind occupied with a new hobby. This may reduce stress, depression, anxiety on other hand improve your concentration, relax your mind and prevent cognitive decline. 


While working from home as many people do in this lockdown, we suggest setting a workplace in your house. Give yourself a little walk like going to the office. Sit on the proper chair and table, add slow music to freshen up. Move around a little just a few minutes or two after every hour. If possible do a bit of stretching to help the blood circulate. Schedule time because your loved one and family are also waiting. 


This is the uncertain time most of us are fighting but everything will be fine just like it said “one day at a time”. Keeping a proper routine and healthy diet with other important necessities will keep you healthy physically and mentally. 

Take care, stay safe!

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