Covid Essentials

The challenge is hard and no one thought that there could be days like this, pandemic. The deadly covid wave has already destroyed so many lives. The only thing we can do is to take proper precautions to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. Proper masked up, sanitiser, face shield, gloves, disinfection sprays, use and throw gowns etc. 

It’s important to take proper care while going out. With this healthy diet, proper vitamins intake and exercise is also very important to boost your immunity. These covid essentials protect from moving viruses in the environments and surface. You shouldn’t forget to sanitize your hands often, cover your face and regular distance from others.

Covid Essential Products

Face mask: To cover your face is the most important thing to prevent the virus. The covid-19 virus enters the body from the respiratory system more often. To protect yourself, you have to cover your face. You can use a surgical mask/ simple cloth or any other two-layered mask. 

Face Shield: Shield as the name suggests is just like a face mask which is a barrier that protects foreign bodies from entering into the system. This is transparent which feels like a transparent shield that shows your face, unlike a mask that hides the face.

Hand sanitiser: The must-have during this pandemic is a sanitiser. Always remember to sanitise your hand after a particular period inside your home and while stepping out. Cleaning your hand often will prevent any virus from entering your body. This time when the virus can sit on a surface for 2-3 days it becomes very important to clean the surface regularly and sanitise hands often. 

Gloves: Surgical gloves are another best way to stay safe while travelling. If you go out make sure to wear surgical gloves and cover your face. Wearing gloves can protect you from infected surfaces. 

Vitamin Tablets: It’s important to take proper vitamins and minerals to fight covid. If your immunity is strong you can easily fight the virus. Taking vitamins and minerals will increase your immunity power which will definitionally help. 

Thermometer: The common symptoms of covid are fever, dry cough, tiredness, sore throat and loss of taste & smell. During the first wave, we had these symptoms very common but now when we are at the start of the third wave the only symptom is fever. Temperature guns or thermometers are very important tools to have in this pandemic. 

Oximeter: To check the blood oxygen level of the body, oximeters are used. This is the painless method of checking the oxygen level in blood. The only thing one has to do is place the beam ray side on the finger and it will measure how much oxygen is passing to the ends of the body. Oximeters are the most essential tool in the last two covid deadly waves. 

Disinfectant Spray: The most necessary and important thing in the pandemic is a disinfectant spray. The covid virus is believed to stay alive for more than 24 hours on many surfaces. It is very important to clean your phone, car door handle, doors, bike handles, vegetable basket, keys, watches and much more (a small yet important thing that comes in contact with others). 

First Aid Kit: Most people carry a first aid kit whenever they go out. During the pandemic, most things have been changed and so have our first aid kits. With common bandages, medicines there are a few essentials like paracetamol, painkillers, thermometers etc. It is also advised to stock up medicines for chronic disorders ex. Diabetes, hypertension etc. 

There are so many things that one wanted to stock up during this pandemic. But dont be the panic buyer, stock up the medicines that are important and necessary. We do understand this is an uncertain time feeling anxious is normal. We together can fight this. Stay home, use all the proper guidelines, covid essentials and maintain distance.

24hourcare provides all the real, and best price covid essential products to your doorstep. During covid make sure you eat healthily, do exercises and use all the covid essential products for your safety. 

Stay Home, Stay Safe!

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